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A group to add more staying power to your 12-step program

When you want relapse to be a distant memory

Whether relapse means taking a drink or yelling at the kids, eating a cookie or resenting your partner, it’s a challenge when you haven’t found the key to vibrant recovery. You don’t want to give up, but no matter what you do, your life still doesn’t meet your expectations. Maybe you have glimpses of the promise of the program, but everyday events push them away.

What if there’s nothing wrong with you? What if you just need an added approach to help you settle in? Since 1993, this group has helped numerous women find new life in recovery. In this group, you can develop skills in:

• Relating to others more effectively

• Stablizing your moods

• Taking your important relationships to the next level

• Speaking without blame or judgment and listening with a more open heart

• Making more satisfying decisions when faced with life challenges

The wise woman keeps a healthy fear, knowing that relapse is always possible. In this group, you get support for keeping relapse in the past where it belongs. “Relapse is not an option” because you can learn the skills to back this commitment up.

When the program isn’t anonymous enough

Of course, you appreciate all that the program has to offer, including meetings, sponsor and program friends. Still, you might want more privacy to address some of your challenges, hopes and dreams. Reading your books isn’t enough, nor does it work to talk with family and non-program friends. This small group makes it possible to share yourself in ways that you don’t experience in meetings. You can have an extra layer of protection by being in a private group.

When you’d like to benefit from crosstalk

The “no crosstalk” rule in meetings has a purpose: It offers the powerful chance to say what’s so — without having to deal with someone else’s idea of who you are. In this group, you can benefit from different kind of empowerment that happens when feedback is handled appropriately. You can enrich your recovery through effective crosstalk.

When you want more from your relationships

The world around us pushes us to look for answers outside ourselves, so we learn to forget our own internal guidance. This group includes experiential work that helps you access your relationship patterns in a way that doesn’t tend to happen in meetings. It’s possible to influence your automatic reactions, learn clean communication skills and deepen your connection to yourself and others. Through this group, you can give your relationships a boost.

When you want or need therapy, but finances hold you back

Group work is more affordable than individual therapy. This particular commitment offers the benefits of both: A weekly group plus one individual session per month at no additional charge.

When you want to add another dimension to your journey

At least one of the 12-Step programs has given you a good start, proving its effectiveness in helping you build a solid, stable foundation for:

• Replacing problem habits with healthier ways of being in the world

• Developing honesty and integrity at home, with friends and at work

• Trusting in a universal life force that is attuned to your highest good

Long-term recovery is more complex, especially for women. Maybe your family or relationship history has been getting in the way of dealing with today and building your tomorrow. Even in recovery, life has challenges. The 12-step programs have helped you get this far and this group can help you get to your next level. You can put more staying power into your healing journey.

~ ~ ~

Growing ourselves is a lifelong path.

Walking it with others

helps soften the pain and

heighten the adventure.

~ ~ ~

Your initial commitment:

It’s best to know ahead of time if this group is likely to be right for you, so before entering group, we’ll have at least four individual sessions (at a mutually agreed upon fee) to discuss your hopes for your life and to learn how the group works.

Group logistics:

We meet at Stillpoint Center, near Trader Joe’s west of downtown Lafayette, close to Highway 24 and BART. We meet four Tuesdays a month from 7-9 pm (we take a break in months with five Tuesdays). You’ll also attend one individual session per month to assist you in using the group more effectively and to enhance your process. You have the option of attending more than one individual session as needed, although an additional fee does apply to those cases.

About the group leader:

Michael Anne Conley, MFT

My goal is to help people in recovery transform the hunger they’ve had for external sources of comfort, which so often ends up in addictive behavior, and awaken to their own inner source of nourishment. I've been leading groups since 1993 and working with friends of Bill and Lois W. since 1984. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching my group process approach as an instructor in the addiction certificate programs at Diablo Valley College and Cal-State East Bay. Learn more about me and how you can benefit from my holistic approach to healing habits that create problems for yourself and others.

Join the journey!


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