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Get there, stay there: Manage stress in recovery


Right now, as you’re sitting here reading this, slow yourself down and take a d-e-e-p breath.

Notice how you feel. Be attentive particularly to sensations and physical feelings.  Do you feel achy here, soft there, stiff here and fidgety there?

Take another deep breath.  Focus on one of those physical feelings. We’ve learned in our modern world to put mental functioning first.  Step back from that.  If your thoughts wander, re-focus on what’s happening physically.

Is your chest tight?  Do you feel loose and open in your face?  Are you tense in your belly? Is your back braced?

Managing stress in recovery is like everything else. It takes practice.

The first step is noticing and acknowledging what is.  Noticing is only the start, however.  Learning to manage the tightness, or looseness or tension, that involves practice, too.

The Deep Recovery approach is a different kind of physical fitness program, one that involves discovering how much your thoughts and feelings can be re-organized by working through the body.  You’ll learn to go beyond just noticing into working directly with your muscular action patterns, so that you are at the helm of your own life.

So if the promise of the program seems out-of-reach for you, consider adding a different approach to enhance your recovery.

If you are doing everything your sponsor suggests and then some, you’ll no longer be puzzled when peace-of-mind is fleeting, because you’ll have specific tools to address this.

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