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How you can benefit
Your health, well-being and renewal are priorities for your Stillpoint practitioner.  Here are only a few examples of the benefits of our services:

•    Acupuncture can improve your overall health and vitality.

•    Addiction & Habit Change services help you change your unwanted habits:
     - Addiction Recovery services can support your addiction-free life.
     - Stop Smoking support helps you put an end to your tobacco habit.

•    Bodywork & Massage gives you a profound experience of well-being.

•    Counseling & Psychotherapy can help you resolve problems and patterns:
     - Individual Care helps you reach your emotional and spiritual goals.
     - Relationship Help brings you and your partner to greater resolution.
     - Services for Children can improve behavior and family dynamics.
     - Group Support helps you reduce isolation and can give you strength that comes
       from a sense of community.

•    Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy services support you in healthy child-bearing.

•    Food/Weight & Body Image consultations offer you motivation, support and
     practical skills.

•    Integrative Health Support helps you choose practitioners and treatments more
     effectively to improve quality of care.

•    Hypnotherapy invites new patterns of behavior to replace the old.

•    Stress Management coaching can give you power to handle life’s challenges.

•    Traditional Chinese Medicine can restore balance and promote self-healing.

•    Workshops & Classes help you learn new tools for reaching your goals.

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Center Services

Addiction/Habit Change
Addiction Recovery
Stop Smoking Support

Age Management Medicine

Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Individual Care
Group Support
• Relationship Help
• Services for Children

Fertility/Healthy Pregnancy

Food/Weight/Body Image


Insomnia/Sleep Help

Massage/Energy Work

Pharmaceutical-Free Options

Stress Response Coaching

Traditional Chinese Medicine