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As a health educator and licensed marriage and family therapist, I believe that living in authentic rhythm with ourselves lets us become more effective members of our families, local communities and the world. My mission is to create positive social change in the greater world by supporting the healing potential in the smaller worlds of one person, one couple, one family.

Today I support people who are dealing with habits that create problems for themselves and others.  This includes addiction and its consequences: Depression, anxiety, chronic pain and illness, and other conditions where physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual renewal are essential aspects of healing.

In 1970 I started out as a young journalist, intent on changing the outer world. Over time, I parted company with this approach as my search took an inner direction. I was facing my own health challenges and personal issues. After a few years of exploring diet and nutrition, I decided my future lay in teaching other people to eat their broccoli. This hubris didn't last long!

Fortunately, I found John F. Kennedy University's master's degree program in clinical holistic health education. I explored the connections between physical health and psychological states, and discovered the power of family patterns and how they play out over generations.

In 1984 I started working with a highly-effective body-oriented approach to self-knowing. It's been my focus ever since. About the same time, while working in alcohol and drug treatment programs, I was introduced to 12 elegant steps to wholeness. I began to integrate these two worlds into my own life and eventually in my work with clients.  Since then I've developed my Habits Into Health system that incorporates additional factors that supports the change process.

My journey continues to teach me practical ways to transform my own life and relationships. In the same way, my clients learn to how to better manage themselves, in their own ways, in their own time.

To find out more about this approach, you can listen to my podcast and read more at Habits Into Health.


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