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Create new habits that keep you confident, calm and free

What You're Seeking:

New Direction For Your Life

Do you feel anxious, depressed or overwhelmed more often than you like?

Maybe you've tried different ways to handle this — but this hasn't worked for long, or at all. If you've gotten stuck in a revolving pattern, this is probably holding you back from who you want to be and how you want to live. Therapeutic support can help you move forward with new confidence and inner peace.

Perhaps you've gotten a good start in dealing with an addiction, yet something just doesn't feel right. Whether you've been doing this on your own or have participated in self-help groups, therapeutic support can add to the foundation you've built.

If you want something more for your life, I can help, especially if you have any of these concerns:

  • Your relationships with partner, close friends or family isn't where you want them to be.
  • You're feeling lonely or isolated, even when you're around others.
  • You've replaced your addictive behavior with other habits that create problems for yourself or others.
  • You haven't found a like-minded community that's right for you.
  • You also want a medication-free life.
  • Your old behaviors have led to unresolved or mysterious health or medical consequences.
  • You just want to have more joy in your life.

No matter how long your concerns have been weighing on you, whether you're feeling challenged or enthusiastically ready to enter your next stage, you can turn things around with additional support.

How I Can Help:

A practical here-and-now approach

What I know is that you want an approach that gives you immediate feedback you can learn today and apply tomorrow.

You also want support to come from someone who respects and reinforces your commitment to yourself — someone who has experience in helping people like you turn around habitual patterns that block satisfaction and hope.

As a young woman in 1977, I began my healing journey. After earning a master’s degree in holistic health education, I became a licensed marriage and family therapist. Over the past 32 years I’ve brought many clients to a place of empowerment in the world of addiction recovery.  My approach makes this transformation possible for anyone in everyday life, including you!

I am all about supporting you in creating healthy habits that will help you get through your current transition and keep you confident, calm and free. I learned some practical ways to transform my own life. Today, I can help you do the same thing for yourself!

To find out more, you can click the links below my picture (If you're a woman, check to see if my Women Awakening Women group might be a fit for you). You can also read more at Habits Into Health

Contact me now to take your next step toward a bright new future.


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