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A healing place


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Stillpoint Center evokes a sense of relaxation and calm.

Your practitioners at Stillpoint understand the importance of a healing environment, and how that impacts your experience. You can expect a comfortable atmosphere.  Studies in the Netherlands have shown the positive  impact of stress-lowering well-designed spaces. Our emphasis is healing and creating a place of calm and well-being for both clients and their practitioners.

A healthy environment

Light, color, and texture affect our mood.  Rather than fluorescent lighting you might find in a doctor’s office, at Stillpoint we have installed full-spectrum and adjustable lighting. Plants help oxygenate the air. Small water fountains create an audio environment conducive to calm. Each of Stillpoint's rooms is insulated for privacy. The building is certified green and its many features, from non-toxic paint to drought-resistant plants, are aligned with a holistic and integrative approach to supporting you.

If you'd like to know more about Stillpoint Center and how our collaborative group of practitioners can help you, please contact us today.


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Center Services

Addiction/Habit Change
Addiction Recovery
Stop Smoking Support

Age Management Medicine

Clinical Hypnotherapy

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• Relationship Help
• Services for Children

Fertility/Healthy Pregnancy

Food/Weight/Body Image


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Stress Response Coaching

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