Stillpoint Center

Stillpoint Center is an integrative health center in Lafayette, California, that supports your health, well-being and renewal.
Your self-care

Stress is a fact of life. Modern living, with its pressures to perform at work and home, its anxieties and uncertainties can so easily cause us to become overwhelmed. It doesn't have to be this way.

Reduce stress and increase your energy

The latest research shows that stress does not have to defeat you — it can actually make you stronger. At Stillpoint, you can expect to learn and practice new responses to stressful events. You can turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s success.

Achieve your healthy weight

Do your goals include creating a new relationship to food and exercise? Are you unhappy because your mirror doesn’t reflect your body image? At Stillpoint you’ll experience individual support to meet your lifelong needs.

Take charge of your habits

It's all too easy to fall into behaviors that don't serve you. And changing a habit can be hard to do by yourself. You don't have to be alone. Discover the benefits of personal and ongoing support in a healing environment. That's the Stillpoint difference.

A healing place

Stillpoint Center is conveniently located near downtown Lafayette. Much care has gone into creating a healing space a world away from the nerve-jangling hubbub of an over-stressed life.

Find your optimal health

You are unique. It's an easy fact to dismiss in our mass culture. Our bodies are not identical. Each one of us responds to treatment differently.  And that's why an individual approach to health-care treatment is so vital to your well-being.

Get support for ongoing issues

Sometimes life hands us problems that aren’t quickly resolved. If you realize that a situation isn’t going to let up very soon, we can help. At Stillpoint, we are experts in helping people sail through rough waters to reach their goals.

Strengthen your satisfaction in life & relationships

Almost everyone, at some time or another, could use support from someone who’s not personally involved in the puzzle. When its time to address what’s missing in your life; what's missing in your primary relationships, call to find out how we can help you.


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Center Services

Addiction/Habit Change
Addiction Recovery
Stop Smoking Support

Age Management Medicine

Clinical Hypnotherapy

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• Relationship Help
• Services for Children

Fertility/Healthy Pregnancy

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Insomnia/Sleep Help

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Stress Response Coaching

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